Important Tips For Better Search Results
  • Do not type 'XXX XXX Company Limited'.  Instead, please enter 'XXX XXX Co Ltd'. But, when the name begins with 'Company', please type ' Company XXX Co Ltd.'
  • Uppercase / lowercase does not matter.
  • For better search results, you are advised to enter partial name of the search Subject.  For example : Beautiful Island International Investments Co Ltd, you better enter "Beautiful Island International".
  • For a personal name search, always put the surname first.
    For a foreigner's name search, please try more combinations.
    For example : Clinton William or William Clinton.
  • All the company name in our database are skipped with punctuation marks.  You can search your name with or without punctuation marks.  The accuracy is not affected.  For example : When you search Happy Happy (International) Ltd, the result "Happy Happy International Ltd" will appear.
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