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This service aims to provide company credit report on an online basis.

A credit report is a detailed report featured as a gathering, analysis & interpretation of lots of available data on a specific establishment.
Generally, a co credit report contains the following details :-
  • Statutory information (such as establishment date, principals' name, share capital details & etc.)
  • Business history
  • Ownership & management background
  • Operation briefing
  • Finance
  • Banking information
  • Trade / Credit record
  • Credit rating
Service Type & Briefing :-
Option A (Database report + up-dated report)
Besides providing an online report, we will supplement a up-dated credit report afterwards.

Option B (Database report)
You may choose to order our on-line report only & does not require the supplementary report.

Option C (Newly conducted report)
If your required report does not exist in our database or you need a newly conducted report, we will compile a new report.

Remarks :
The below table is the reply schedule for Option A and Option C services.
  Hong Kong PRC Macau Overseas
Express (Working days) 4 6 6 6 - 8
Normal (Working days) 8 10 12 10 - 18

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