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Credit OnLine is a sophisticated credit service which enables our customers to conduct credit check through our well-designed services on an online & user friendly basis.

Since our establishment in Jan 1992, We have been engaged in the field of credit research & analysis, thus accumulated a huge database for credit reference.

Credit OnLine is basically composed of the following 5 services :-

(1) Civil Litigation Check
(2) Plaintiff Check
(3) Who is Who
(4) Report Online
(5) OnLine Company Search

In Aug 2008, our company was awarded as one of the
Top Three Customers (e - search) for 2007 - 2008 by Companies Registry of HKSAR. It not only means that our company had the highest usage of Companies Registry's
e - search services during 2007 - 2008 but also has reflected our enormous customers base as well as the strength of our database.

As up to Dec 2009, we have stored approximately 2,650,000 civil litigation records (including bankruptcy & company winding-up petitions) and over 4,500,000 corporate records. In order to maintain an up-to-date database, considerable manpower is used for retrieval of writ records from various courts, data input and related verification on daily basis.

As for your reference, principal components of our civil litigation records database include the followings :-

- High Court (Court of First Instance)
- District Court
- Small Claim Tribunal
- Labour Tribunal
- Lands Tribunal

Totally, our civil litigation records database consists of writ records of 20 different types of civil actions.

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