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Civil Litigation Check

This service helps to reveal whether a party (a person or a company) has been involved as defendant in local civil claims for the latest 7 years.

As for your reference, principal components of our civil litigation records database include the following :-

- High Court (Court of First Instance)
- District Court
- Small Claim Tribunal
- Labour Tribunal
- Lands Tribunal
- As up to present, we have stored approximately 2,650,000 civil litigation
  records (including bankruptcy & company winding-up petitions).

Totally, our civil litigation records database consists of writ records of 20 different types of civil actions.

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For each single search, if the preliminary result in alphabetical order shows different spelling names, this unit rate can allow you to view a maximum of 5 pages. Another unit rate will be chargeable for viewing the further 5 pages and so on.

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